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  • Year : 2008
  • Country : USA
  • Director : Michael Stephenson
  • Running Time : 93m
  • Starring : Michael Stephenson, George Hardy and heaps of Troll 2 fans!

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Can I just say I love love love this movie and the people who made it. With that bias out of the way let's kick this into gear.

Sometimes the most obscure subjects make the most entertaining of docs. In 1990 a little known horror sequel farted into existence, the film Troll 2 was barely released ending up in video store discount bins. And then in the quiet of late night cable tv, something amazing happened. The z-grade film began to attract a cult, as viewers awestruck by the films utter goofiness preached its glory to all asundry.

Suddenly this laughably berzerk film exploded into a phenomenon ultimately ending up on the IMDB as the Worlds Worst Movie. Michael Stephenson was the child lead of Troll 2 and has been hiding from the film for two decades. But instead of crawling under a rock at the films new found fame, he turned a camera on and documented the cult phenomenon in motion. Along for the ride is his co-star and onscreen Dad, George Hardy, the Alabama dentist who suddenly sees the films resurrection as a possible fast-track to a stardom that never came. At turns hilarious and heartfelt, this gem comes with a 100% guarantee to make you smile for a week.

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Festival GuestsBest Worst Movie is Michael Paul Stephenson's feature directing debut. His career in the entertainment industry began early at the age of 10, being cast as the child star of the worst-movie-ever-made: Troll 2. But, starring in the worst movie ever made didn't ruin him or his desire to work in the industry. He continued acting into his early twenties and has worked with outstanding directors such as Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi, and Robert Redford.