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Director: Ben Wheatley Year: 2011 Country: UK Running time: 90 mins Censor Rating: R18 - graphic violence, offensive language Genres & Subjects: Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Producers: Claire Jones, Andy Starke Screenplay: Amy Jump, Ben Wheatley Photography: Laurie Rose Editors: Robin Hill, Ben Wheatley, Amy Jump Production designer: David Butterworth Art director: Julie Ann Horan Costume designer: Lance Milligan Music: Jim Williams With: Neil Maskell (Jay), Michael Smiley (Gal), MyAnna Buring (Shel), Emma Fryer (Fiona) Festivals: SXSW 2011

Ben Wheatley’s quasi-vérité UK horror-thriller starts off in Mike Leigh territory, with a cringe-inducing dinner party, before spiralling into a world of paranoid pagan terrors. Unemployed ex-soldier Jay and his Swedish wife Shel are on shaky ground with money woes and a marriage that’s unravelling. When Jay’s cheerful war buddy Gal and his new girlfriend Emma turn up, the wine-fuelled celebration turns downright nasty as Jay’s ever-simmering temper erupts. Later on, Gal lures Jay back into their murky past life with promises of a big payout for a few dodgy missions. On one of these missions Jay discovers something so depraved he switches from work-for-hire guy to vicious moral avenger. The film delicately shifts in tone from a kitchen sink melodrama to a funny buddy movie, to an edge-of-your-seat horror film in its final reel. A masterful assured second feature from one of the most exciting new genre directors working today. — AT