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Director: Matthew Bate Year: 2011 Country: Australia Running time: 90 mins Censor Rating: RP16 - offensive language Genres & Subjects: Comedy

Screenplay: Matthew Bate Producers: Sophie Hyde, Matthew Bate Photography/Editor: Bryan Mason Production designer: Tony Cronin Music: Jonny Elk Walsh DigiBeta With: Eddie ‘Lee Sausage’ Guerriero, Mitch Deprey aka Mitchell D, Raymond Huffman, Peter Haskett, Tony Newton, Daniel Clowes, Ivan Brunetti, Henry S. Rosenthal, Mike Mitchell, Gregg Gibbs Festivals: Sundance, Adelaide 2011

‘If you wanna talk to me, then shut yer fuckin’ mouth!’, sprays Raymond, one half of a pair of hilarious miscreants who became a viral cult phenomenon long before YouTube. In 1987, Eddie Guerriero and Mitch Deprey moved to San Francisco for some bohemian good times; instead they got an apartment with paper-thin walls and two raging alcoholics as neighbours. Raymond, a homophobe, and Peter, a flaming queen, were two men whose unfathomable relationship consisted of surreal torrents of explicit verbal abuse. Initially recorded by Eddie and Mitch to mount a complaint, audio cassettes of their conversations were eventually passed around the world. Then came the adaptations, comic books, audio mash-ups, stage plays and feature films. Shut Up Little Man! features killer archival footage, interviews, re-enactments, copyright theft, invasion of privacy, and accusations of exploitation, all while being hilarious, unsettling and poignant. — AT