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Director: Lucky McKee Year: 2011 Country: USA Running time: 108 mins Censor Rating: R18 - graphic violence, sexual violence Genres & Subjects: Based on books, Comedy

Producers: Robert Tonino, Andrew van den Houten Screenplay: Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee. Based on their novel Photography: Alex Vendler Editor: Zach Passero Music: Sean Spillane HDCAM With: Pollyanna McIntosh (the woman), Sean Bridgers (Chris Cleek), Lauren Ashley Carter (Peggy Cleek), Angela Bettis (Belle Cleek), Zach Rand (Brian), Carlee Baker (Genevieve Raton) Festivals: Sundance 2011

Like a hot poker in the eye of political correctness, this Sundance premiere outraged one viewer so much he demanded that staff ‘BURN THIS FILM NOW!’. A midnight shocker, it sprang from the pen of Jack Ketchum, scribe of literary nasty The Girl Next Door, and was realised by Lucky McKee who slammed onto the scene with his knockout debut May. Patriarch Chris is a smarmy court officer whose sense of ethics and morality make American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman look relatively normal: a condescending, dominating suburban prick whose stern hold over his subservient wife, idolising teenage son and two daughters forms his warped version of the ideal nuclear family. That is, until he captures a near-naked feral woman on a hunting trip and forces them to civilise her. Without a doubt, the feel-bad comedy of the year comes with a very serious warning that it contains scenes that may be upsetting and distressful to audience members. — AT