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Posted by Ant on 6 June 2010 at 13:51


Cat III is the Hong Kong classification equivalent of our R18 Contains Nasty Shit rating. When I was living in Sydney in the late 80s, the Hong Kong Government passed a new classification called Category III (Adults Only). Most of these were erotic films but the rating also covered some other films. These 'other' films were the ones my roomies and I used attend every session of at the Australia Cinema and/or the Chinatown Twin. We saw crazy period sex films (Chinese Torture Chamber Story) and brutal thrillers (Run to Kill & Red To Kill) and everything in between (Untold Story, Ebola Syndrome). It was a very good time to be a movie junkie.

This year we're lucky to have straight from Cannes the latest Cat III shocker. A real return to form for blood-soaked Hong Kong Cinema. DREAM HOME is going to knock people out on the big screen.

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