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Frequently Asked Questions - Update 2016

The 17th Annual 24 Hour Movie Marathon will be held at the Hollywood Cinema, Avondale Auckland.

Can I bring a beanbag to the Hollywood Cinema ?

Limit of 2 Bean Bag tickets PER PERSON - Seating is GA so you could seat with your Friends in the Bean Bag Section If you Queue together. Check the ticketing page for details: ticketing. Bean bags are BYO and only regular sized Bags will be admitted.

What is the price?


Can I buy a ticket just for one film?

No, Tickets Cover the entire 24hours - All films play unannounced. You may arrive Late but advise us in advance. You may leave but re-entry is not guaranteed.

I don't have a credit card - what do I do?

Use a Visa debit card or 'prezzie' card that you transfer money onto. Those will work. Or chip in with a friend.

What time does it start ?

  • Date : Sat Dec 10th
  • Start Time 2:30pm
  • Running time: oh, about 24 Hours..

Where is the amazing Hollywood Cinema in Auckland?

20 St. Georges Road, Avondale - MAP HERE only 400m away from the train station.

How hard is it to stay awake the whole time?

If an old man like me can do it, then you definitely can. Fresh air between films, smart food on the breaks, and water intake always helps.

Can I fall asleep?

Yes, but please don't blame us if you awaken to a badly drawn moustache across your face.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing/shoes or even pajamas/ dressing gown. Tight leather pants may work for you at the club but watching 24 hours of movies will turn them into liquid cheese.

What should I bring?

Cash or card to support the theatre's snack bar, breakfast and munchies, Aspirin, Nurofen, water bottle, flashlight, pillow, toothbrush/toothpaste. No fucking laser pointers. Instant removal from cinema if you use one. No refund. Oh and charge your phone then turn it off on entry. The world will not stop rotating, we promise.

Can I use my phone during the 24hrs?

Sure, it's a Mobile Phone, so get mobile, and get the Ph*** Outside! or be thrown OUT.

Can I bring food?

Yes, it's okay to bring nibbles along but we really encourage people to buy snacks from the theatre itself - This is the cheapest cinema candy bar in NZ. The theatre's doing us a huge favour by opening their doors, the least we can do is support them by buying some munchies. Hot coffee and drinks are available in the lobby thanks to our marathon Barista.

Can I bring in hot food?

Okay Caps time. HELL NO! No one wants to smell your Mobil beef burrito at 4am. Hot food stenches can cause riots... eat out in the lobby or better still outside the theatre. There are Dinner and Breakfast Breaks. There are many fine Cafes and restaurants in Avondale 5mins away.

Can I bring in booze?

No. 100% NO. Any booze will be confiscated and drunk by staff at the end of the event. The Venue is not licensed to allow any BYO Liquor. (and you can't handle the Marathon + Booze).

Do I have to be 18 or older?

Yes you do, and ID is required. Even if only one film is Restricted, it means the whole 24hrs is. And there will always be a few R rated titles, that's for sure. NO refund if you can't provide ID.

How raunchy does it get?

Well there is always a good dose of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Probably no worse than what you can see on TV these days but if you're offended by full frontal nudity, sexism, racism, gore and bad language then you probably shouldn't talk to any of the staff. Lets just say the PC Police would commit suicide after 6 hours of the marathon. Bottom line, do not come if you are likely to be offended.

May I talk during the films?

No you may not. Gibbering to your mate during a film will piss off people around you. Take it to the lobby. This is not your living room, this is my goddamn church. You might think your sleep deprived whispering in your gals ear is too quiet to be heard... guess what padrone.. it aint. It sounds like a fucking lawn mower. Take it to the lobby.

Can I say witty things at the trashy films?

Within reason. Tread carefully boyo. Not all of the films screening are exploitation and trash. Many are deserving of your total silence and focused attention. Be respectful of others, not everyone thinks you're a comedian.

Will it sell out

Yes. Last year it sold out. So get your tickets early as this is the 17th year and we're back in our regular Venue!

Can I contact you about my booking?

Yes send an email.