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This is our 21st year.

Get ready for one wild movie marathon.

Each year we have one night in New Zealand that is devoted to hardcore movie maniacs. Your bog standard couch potatoes need not apply. We are talking the Mt Freaking Everest of movie viewing experiences. For twenty four non-stop hours we show cine-dementia.

Every film plays unannounced - you have no idea what lies ahead for the rest of the night. In the year Two Thousand, the Marathon was in Auckland at the Chinatown Cinema - it was a only 7 or so hours long. Some of the films that played that first night we think included The Story of Ricky, Voodoo Black Exorcist, The Time Travellers and The Braniac. We think. It all gets kinda hazy.

Ever since then the Marathon has creeped up in duration until it re-launched as a 24 hour monster in 2004.

We've had some pretty cool New Zealand premieres over the years as well including SAW, TEAM AMERICA, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, DEVILS REJECTS, THE DESCENT, CRANK, KISS KISS BANG BANG, THE RUINS and many more. But these days we prefer just playing older films and not premieres that you can see in two weeks time.

If you haven't been to the movie marathon before and want to find out more, check out the FAQ and all your questions will be answered.

We're no enormous fans of the Mystery Science Theatre type theatrics which means we detest audience members who think they're comedians. Please respond to a film's inanities with genuine laughter or hooting - that's a proper ovation.

Some films deserve complete respect. Many films aren't b-movies and therefore any comments will seem totally out of place and will probably infuriate some massive movie lover next to you.

The audiences for the marathons have been excellent and respectful of their paying brethren around them. So lets keep it up. We want a living room feel to the proceedings, just not the living room of a drunk unfunny loser.

The Marathon is also the only chance to see some incredibly rare exploitation presented in 35mm on a huge screen. We sneaked a DVD in twice as a last resort and promise never to do that again.

We cover many film genres throughout the night. Be warned, there will always be an element of sleaze in the marathon.. it just doesn't seem right without seeing some nudity and sex late at night. So there will always be people screaming, people being killed and usually a monster makes an unwelcome appearance or two.

There is usually one mainstream film that was so off kilter at its time of release it is now some executives bad memory.

Like drinking absinthe. Attending a movie marathon is something everyone should do once in their life.

We'll save you a seat.

Ant TIMPSON Twitter: Timpson