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Posted by Ant on 2 November 2009 at 10:22


Congratulations to everyone who entered and to Kenmy Smith who wins the DVD package from Vendetta. It'll be on its way to you.

Runner Ups all get their tickets refunded if they attended.


Kenny Smith

Kenny's trailer just starts off so damn good with the old school FLY meeting the new school FLY, and doing an 80s machismo hand grasp. Fuck man, that's a really smart way to encapsulate the marathon's ethos to a T. It also helps to round it out with good sound effects and a WFT finish. Good work Kenny, enjoy the dvds.


Nigel Ward

Tiago Rorke

24 from Tiago Rorke on Vimeo.

Rik Roberts

Morgan Nichol

The Bateman from Morgan Nichol on Vimeo.

Yohei Guy

24Hour Movie Marathon Trailer Y's Guys Films 2009 from Yohei Guy on Vimeo.

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